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Hi! We’re Kazee

Leaders need to make the most challenging decisions right, because a single decision can affect hundreds of millions of people around the world.

So since 2016 we decided to empower every leader to make better decisions.

Our Story

Kazee, derived from the Indonesian word "mengkaji" or "kajian" which means analysis. Kazee offers a comprehensive suite of products: Media Intelligence, Location Intelligence, and Research Intelligence. We leverage the power of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to address real-world challenges, going beyond simply providing data to delivering actionable solutions.

Realizing that data is very crucial information and easy to misuse, Kazee prioritizes responsible data practices. We empower leaders to make informed decisions based on reliable insights, ensuring ethical and effective utilization of this valuable resource. Kazee extends its commitment beyond corporate clients. We actively seek to educate the public by leveraging the powerful analytical engines, ensuring that readily available information is accurate and valuable to all.

Our Vision

Become a trusted partner for leaders in making decisions that are more effective and have a positive impact on the organization and society.

Our Mission

1. Empowering leaders to solve complex problems through data-driven decision-making, leveraging big data and artificial intelligence technologies.

2. Create and distribute useful information both locally and globally.

Company Values


Life Balance

At Kazee, life balance is a core value. We empower our employees to thrive in mind, body, and soul through various initiatives. This fosters peak performance, engaged teams, and a culture of excellence. We prioritize wellbeing and work-life integration, recognizing its impact on employee satisfaction, productivity, and creativity.



Integrity is the foundation of everything we do. We are unwavering in our commitment to honesty, fairness, and ethical conduct. We hold ourselves accountable to our employees, clients, and partners, earning their trust through transparency and adherence to the highest ethical standards.



We believe in the inherent value of every person. We champion diversity by actively seeking, recognizing, and celebrating the unique contributions of our team members. By fostering an inclusive environment of respect, support, and opportunity, we empower everyone to achieve their fullest potential.



We cultivate a culture of empathy and collaboration. We actively listen to understand diverse perspectives, show genuine concern for the well-being of our team members, and offer support during challenges. This fosters a supportive and caring environment where individuals can flourish together.

Transformation of decision-making culture

Human are accustomed to decision-making processes that depend on assumptions, premises, and context. While this ingrained approach has served us well, the digital revolution has irrevocably altered the landscape. We are now inundated with an unprecedented volume of data.

Kazee emerges as a vital bridge, connecting humanity to the burning potential of the digital realm. Recognizing the limitations of intuition-based decision-making, Kazee envisions a future where data-driven analysis becomes the cornerstone of informed choices. By empowering leaders to harness the power of data, Kazee fosters a culture of insightful decision-making, propelling us towards a future shaped by informed progress.

This vision extends beyond just data analysis. Kazee seeks to cultivate a fundamental shift in mindset, fostering critical thinking and empowering individuals to disrupt the paradigm of assumption-driven decision-making in favor of data-driven approaches.

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Even the government agency like Indonesian Central Bank, KPK, and OJK trusts our data, making us a trusted source for businesses and organizations worldwide.


Armed with experience in overcoming various unique challenges, solving problems is our daily routine. Trust the experts.


We understand that the challenges of each business are different. Therefore, every service we provide will adapt to the needs and objectives of your problem.

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