How political intelligence benefits society

Political news analysis

Discussion analysis that will make it easier for you to know the level of truth and credibility of a news topic

President Election Analytics

Get election-related figures and organizations information to navigate your political observations. Analysis of the candidate's background such as track record, supportive coalition, community sentiment in a particular area, and others

Pros & Cons News Analysis

Enrich your understanding of the political issues that are currently being discussed by looking at the pros and cons of public sentiment

How Political Intelligence benefits the government and political observers

Measure impact on community
See how the community responds to the policies that have been set
Monitor societal perception
Analytical discussion of how issues develop in society. Understanding how the perception of the image of the figure and the organization
Think Strategically
Encourages you to think strategically from actionable insights.
Find possible supporters and haters
See how positive and negative issues develop in certain areas
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