Data Analytics

Media Analytics

IoT Analytics and AI

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IoT Analytics

Get the power of machine telling you the insight & strategy for your bussiness with Kazee IOT Analytics Solution.

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Image Analytics

Kazee Image Analytics turns image and video into knowledge.

Cyber Defence

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Cyber Threat Intelligent

Kazee Cyber Threat Analytics shows the attacks that happen real-time, with...

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Cyber Crime

Kazee Cyber Crime Analytics provides support in detecting, identifying, and monitoring ongoing threats from...


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Waktoo is a mobile-based Online Attendance + Monitoring application that provides the best validation...

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Tamoo is simply for guest registration and guest analytics. Simply scan in the Tamoo app

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Improving your company's sales and marketing force through integrated CRM platform that monitors...

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Credit Scoring

Identify the liquidity of your clients through profiling, and get an insight about his credibility through social media activity, historical records, and...

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