You have multiple social media? Believe us your multiple social media produce a lot of valuable data. Now your time to turn your social media data into actionable insights to enhance your marketing capability. Listen more to your audiences to conduct an effective and efficient marketing strategy.

Great Dashboard

Kazee dashboard contains all the summary information that has accumulated according to your needs.

Sentiment Analysis

Through Kazee sentiment analysis, we can help you to analyze the social media users' conversations related to your company. Is it positive or negative things that netizens are talking about your brand? Monitoring can be done on 3 objects of #, account, and keywords on social media.

Competitor Analysis

Know your competitors, through Kazee Socmed Analytics you can monitoring on your competitors through social media. In addition, you can also compare the advantages and disadvantages of competitors with yours.

Issue & Trending Topic

Through Kazee you can find issue and topic that is being discussed.

Why Choose Kazee's Socmed Analytic

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Customer Insight

Your customer opinions about your brand really matter. Especially, if it involves your brand health. With Kazee, we help you to gain as much as possible about the customer insight.

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Increasing Brand Awareness

After analyzing the customer insight, what they need and want. Now you can introduce yourself as a pain reliever through your product. Introduce yourself in awesome ways by using integrated marketing communication. Increasing your brand presence through awesome strategies and content.

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Competitive Analysis

Competitor success story is the best teacher. So, start to monitoring on them and learn how the gain the exceptional growth. Know what they are doing right and what the customer think about their brand in social media.

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