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IAM.ID is an online platform in Indonesia that collects and supports influencers from various backgrounds and interests in the nano and micro categories, the influencers gathered will help you transform their influence into a pattern, strategy, mechanism or approach to actualize the interests of a brand, event, and others that are adjusted to the needs.

By IAM platform, you can find the right influencer that has influence power towards your targeted curstomers.

Influencer Research

There are so many influencers around the world, but only the chosen one that fits on your brands.

Get all the insights you need to make sure you are focusing on the right people.

Vet any user with instant access to influencer analytics, audience demographics, top content and more to see if they fit your influencer strategy.

Manage Relationships

Build, manage and measure your influencer program, with a user-friendly CRM system that was designed just for influencer marketing.

Measure Influencer Programs

By IAM.ID you can track your marketing performance. How influencer brings you better and higher chance of your marketing strategy by tracking theirs engagement and your campaign performance.

Why choose Kazee's Socmed Profiling

Profiling Followers

I AM has a system that can analyze demographic followers such as Gender, Age, Location, individual / non accounts, and Interest followers from each influencer, so that campaigns become more targeted according to target segments.

Scalable System

Using a system that can monitor the running of a campaign in the form of Report in the form of Dashboard

Cooperation Agreement

I AM uses the Cooperation Agreement as the basis for the bond between brand and influencer