Special considerations are needed in selecting issuers to invest. You must know the fundamental and technical factors of the selected issuer.
Solution by product
Finatara pro is the right choice to find out an issuer's fundamental and technical factors. You can find the latest issues, the latest political policies, and price drop charts.
There are many ways to maintain employee productivity, one of which is their finances. If their financial health is not good, it usually affects performance.
Solution by product
Halogaji is one of Kazee's products that offers access to early wages and other features; with these features, we help employees to maintain their financial stability.
We provide an overview for future decisions
Gain insights for your investment navigation and financial risk management with the latest financial information and news and issuer sentiment
Dig deeper
Analyze changes in the issuer's valuation value data every day for your real-time investment reference. In-depth analysis of issuer by looking at various related issues. You can see the sentiment towards selected issuer in the community

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