You are a communication leader who wants to maintain and improve the brand image in the public's perception.
Solution by product
Brandboss and Social ORM are the right products to maintain and enhance brand image. Join the negative conversation about your brand and leverage our intel to influence the mindset of the entire audience at the right time to reach the critical audience.
Social ORM
The communications leader must identify current events that deserve a response from his business brand and tailor his communications to the audiences most affected.
Solution by product
Kazee media intelligence is the most appropriate choice; this tool can bring together issues related to the desired brand or topic. Reveal the sentiments, figures, and organizations that influence the issue most. Protect your brand before the problem becomes viral and unstoppable
Kazee Media Intelligence
Communication leaders to be able to digitally transform brand communications to build proactive strategies to create brand loyalty
Solution by product
Kazee media intelligence can unite his successful online communication campaigns. See how much of your audience actively follow your campaign and its response on social media.
Kazee Media Intelligence
Issues Monitoring System
Monitor issues related to your brand. The insights gained encourage you to make the right strategy to deal with it.
Social Media Listening
Know how your audience thinks, feels, and responds to issues related to your brand. Helping you craft messaging that improves brand reputation and trust.
Deep analytic feature
With some of the features in Kazee, media monitoring allows you to analyze issues in depth. Get Insights in the form of sentiment analysis equipped with dynamic analysis, top influencers, top media, top organizations, And PR Value analysis. It can help you to create a strategic move or collaboration.
Learn how Polri monitors issues that develop in society
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