Social Media Solution

Social Media Analytics

Spying, Analyzing and Winning through Kazee social media analytics.

Social Media Profiling

In god we trust, the rest we belief in influencers.

Social Media Management

All social media in one layer. Easier, Faster and Smarter.

Other Solutions

Media Monitoring

Want to know what the media talking about your brand or even your competitors? With Kazee media monitoring we can provide all the data and information related those issues faster and reliable.

Kazee Bot

No more worry and save your time, with Kazee Bot you can interact with your customer efficiently. Fully working automatically with the newest artifical intelligent technology available today.

IOT Analytics & Solution

Get the power of machine telling you the insight & strategy for your bussiness with Kazee IOT Analytics Solution.

Kazee Image Analytics

Kazee Image Analytics turns image and video into knowledge. Recognize face, object and find relevant information from multiple image and video sources.

Our Partners

  • "Solusi Media Analytics mampu menganalisis berbagai media seperti social media Facebook, Twitter dan Instagram, media cetak dan media online untuk klien dengan mudah dan cepat sesuai kebutuhan."

Media Coverage