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Decision Intelligence Suite That Built For Any Business Challenges

Media Intelligence

Comprehensive report of substantial amount of content and conversations and analysis service to provide valuable insights.


Research Intelligence

We combine extensive research, robust analysis, active engagement, and strategic recommendations for impactful results.


Location Intelligence

Powerful platform to combines spatial data with business data, understand trends, and make a valuable insights based on location context.

Smart Decision-Making Solution Built For You


A detailed report on a lot of content and conversations, with analysis services to give important insights.

  • • Brand Monitoring
  • • Sentiment Analysis
  • • Crisis Management
  • • Trend Identification


We combine extensive research, robust analysis, active engagement, and strategic recommendations for impactful results.

  • • Market Analysis
  • • Product Development
  • • Consumer Insight
  • • Competitor Monitoring

Powerful platform to combines spatial data with business data, understand trends, and make a valueable insights based on location context.

  • • Location Analysis
  • • Asset & Inventory Management<
  • • Smart City Planning
  • • Risk Management


Boost your potential with fully customized insight reports. Empowering you to drive change and make a success impact.

  • • Key Metrics On Demand
  • • Custom Research Report
  • • Marketing, Finances, Politics and More
  • • Consultant Support

Take A Step That Lead To Foresight

Revolutionize your data analysis with our AI-driven platform. Get custom insights and reports that help you make informed business decisions.

Innovative Services To Solve Your Problem With Effective Solution


Media Monitoring

Stay ahead of the conversation and manage your reputation effectively. Monitor and track media coverage of your brand across platforms with real-time updates and detailed reports.


Social Media Analytics & Listening

Maximize your brand's potential with data-driven strategies that help you understand trends, sentiments, and customer behavior. Engage with your audience more effectively


Influencer Marketing

Connect with the right influencers, amplify your message, and boost your sales and brand's reputation. Simplifies the process by helping you find the perfect partners for influencer marketing.


Data Consultant

Access expert advice for effective data management. Navigate the complexities of data analytics with our consultants to make informed decisions that drive business growth and efficiency.


Brand Insight

Uncover your brand's market position through deep insights. Learn your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats with thorough analysis, guiding strategic decisions to elevate your brand's value and presence.


Consumer Insight

Unlock the power of consumer data to understand customer needs, preferences, and behaviors. Tailor your offerings and strategies to meet your audience's demands and strengthen customer relationships.

How Our Users Get The Benefits



Bank Indonesia leverages Kazee Media Intelligence for a wider understanding of societal issues. Enhanced crisis management skills and rapid, effective responses to challenges and public perceptions boost the bank's proactive approach in maintaining economic stability and public trust.



Hino Motors employs social media listening to track and analyze key content, sentiments, engagement levels, follower growth, and conduct brand comparisons, enhancing their marketing and communication strategies.

You’re in Good Company, here’s why :



Even the government agency like Indonesian Central Bank, KPK, and OJK trusts our data, making us a trusted source for businesses and organizations worldwide.



Armed with experience in overcoming various unique challenges, solving problems is our daily routine. Trust the experts.



We understand that the challenges of each business are different. Therefore, every service we provide will adapt to the needs and objectives of your problem.

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